nedjelja, 3. travnja 2011.

Dance to create!!!

Adidas is getting into the tap shoe business.

The athletic shoe company paired up with French designer Didier Brun to create a combination of shoes and digital music maker that lets dancers create their own moves when they move their feet.

In the commercial, the shoes sound a bit like electronic keyboards and people tap their heels and toes, which creates the sound.

The project was designed to promote the release of another sneaker line, reported.

On Brun's blog he said he used tiny sensors placed under the internal sole of the shoe and faced many challenges before getting a successful model.

"Generating live music requires very low latency, and creating a shoe-wearable wireless system was a real challenge," he wrote.

But the shoes, once put on trained dancers, ended up making what sounds like a cool beat, even if slightly simplistic.

"The dancers that operated on the video clip did train a lot to succeed in synchronizing to play the actual song," he said.

While the shoe isn't available in the U.S. yet, Brun said there were interactive installations across France where people could test the shoes.

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